SPOTLIGHT ON: Bobcat LPG Forklift 2.0-3.5t

May 09, 2024

Give your business a boost with an LPG forklift that ticks all the boxes: a high-performance, powerful, and efficient engine; smooth and variable controls, and a full suite of safety features—all in a machine that is rugged, dependable, and easy to service, with a low total cost of ownership. 



Get more done daily, thanks to the high-performance yet efficient HMC LP 2.4 L engine with 45.4 kW of power and 300 Nm torque, providing the best-in-class travel and lifting speeds. 

  • Excellent visibility: Thanks to the precisely designed overhead guard with angled roof bars, low cowl height, and excellent visibility through the mast, you have the best view of the task at hand, enabling you to accomplish more every day. 

  • Powerful LPG engine: The high-performance yet efficient HMC LP engine, with 45.4 kW of power, provides best-in-class travel and lifting speeds. A silent chain timing belt and an aluminium cylinder block design keep the noise level to a minimum. 

  • Effortless directional changes: The thoroughly tested powershift transmission controls the clutch oil pressure precisely, ensuring smooth shifts between forward and reverse. This careful control helps prevent transmission damage and makes the forklift stronger and longer lasting. 

  • Powerful braking power: Oil-cooled disc brakes offer outstanding stopping performance and extended durability with minimal maintenance. The brake systems are entirely sealed to safeguard against external contaminants, ensuring reliable operation. 



Experience a more comfortable shift with a range of standard quality-of-life features, including an ergonomic seat, easy-to-read instrument panel, ample leg room, anti-slip plate, and more. 

  • Easily adjustable seat & column: The premium suspension seat provides all-day comfort for long shifts and ample space for the operator. The seat and the steering wheel column are easy to adjust, allowing every operator to feel right at home in the cab. 

  • Deluxe suspension seat: The deluxe suspension seat prioritises operator comfort with an adjustable seat back, extended seat travel length, and front-side weight resistance. These features enable multiple adjustments for the most comfortable seating experience. 

  • Full modular cabs: Equip your forklift with one of our factory-made cabs to conquer all weather conditions. Enhance comfort for all-day use by adding options such as a heater, operator fan, and power jack. 

  • Rear camera display: Equip your machine with a rear camera that feeds into the in-cab display when in reverse, ensuring you always have the best view of your workplace without sacrificing comfort. 

  • Radio & MP3 player: Add a radio and MP3 player to your cab to enjoy even the longest shifts. 

  • Well-placed handles: Stepping in and out of your vehicle is quick and comfortable, thanks to the well-placed entry bar and handles. 

  • Ergonomic controls:  Thanks to the ergonomic design and perfect placement of control elements, operating this machine is as easy as can be. 



Enjoy peace of mind provided by the machine’s excellent all-around visibility, superb stability, and a full suite of safety features. 

  • Advanced protection for you and your operation: Bobcat forklifts have safety embedded in their DNA. Packed with tons of features that protect you and your investment, these machines provide peace of mind in every task, every day. 

  • Operator Sensing System (OSS): The truck’s travel and mast lifting functions stop when the operator leaves the seat, ensuring the forklift won’t perform any unintended movements. 

  • Limp home mode: In the event of a critical issue, this feature enables the forklift to operate at reduced capacity, empowering operators to safely navigate to a designated area for inspection and repair. 

  • Seatbelt sequence interlock: The operator must be seated with a fastened seatbelt to operate the truck. 

  • Ground speed control: To further enhance the safety of your truck and workplace, you can set up a speed limit to prevent the truck from going too fast. This limit can be customised for both forward and reverse directions. 

  • Interlocking 4th lever: The 4th lever will be locked until manually released by pressing the button on the lever. This guarantees load security, eliminating the risk of unintended release. 

  • Weight scale: With our weight indicator or scale options, you know immediately if you are overloading your forklift. 

  • Large panoramic mirror: By enhancing rear visibility, the large panoramic mirror improves safety conditions and boosts overall productivity. 

  • Powerful LED lights: The powerful LED lights can brighten even the darkest corners of your workplace, ensuring you’re always aware of your surroundings. 



Reduce your total cost of ownership by extending service intervals and utilising high-quality Bobcat genuine parts and consumables, which contribute to smoother and longer-lasting machine performance. 

  • Excellent reliability: Thanks to the powerful HMC engine, dust- and water-resistant parts, and shock-absorbing hydrostatic power steering, Bobcat’s 7-Series LPG forklifts are built tough to provide you with maximum uptime and dependability. 

  • Standard 2-year warranty:  Bobcat develops every machine to the highest standards of quality and durability. That’s why our standard warranty provides 24 months or 2000 operating hours (whichever occurs first) of coverage. 

  • Protection plus extended warranty:  Enjoy total peace of mind with Protection Plus extended warranty. Providing the same level of protection as the standard warranty, Protection Plus also reflects different customer needs and expectations by offering a choice of durations and annual operating hours. 


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