October 03, 2023

Apprenticeships offer a world of opportunities for both aspiring professionals and forward-thinking employers. At Rushlift, we recognise the value of apprenticeships and proudly offer a range of roles within our business. Let’s introduce you to the Rushlift MHE Apprentices of 2023, who are charting their paths towards successful careers in the material handling industry. 



Harvey has embarked on a Level 3 Vehicle Damage Paint Technician Apprenticeship, a two-year program that combines on-the-job training under the guidance of his mentor, Hansel, a skilled Paint Technician at Rushlift. Additionally, Steve, our Technical Training Manager, provides in-house training to ensure Harvey's comprehensive development. 

Aaron and Crispin 

Aaron and Crispin are on their way to becoming adept Apprentice Engineers through the Level 3 Vehicle Damage and Powered Access Engineering Technician Apprenticeship. Over the course of three years, they receive hands-on training from their mentors, Adam, Robert, Barry and Will, experienced Workshop Engineers at Rushlift, while also benefiting from the expertise of Steve, our Technical Training Manager. 


We spoke with Harvey, Aaron and Crispin to understand their motivations for choosing apprenticeships at Rushlift. Here's what they had to say: 


I decided to choose an apprenticeship at Rushlift from conversing with my friends who are currently working here. They told me about how it was a brilliant company to work for, with great perks and work life. That everyone is really friendly and willing to help each other. 


I wanted to do this apprenticeship because I like being around engines and various types of machinery.  I also live nearby, so I had heard of Rushlift before and through research found that it was a very good company to work.  


I chose this apprenticeship at Rushlift as it looked to be a very good company to work for, then seeing an apprenticeship opportunity with them, involving engines and mechanics, I just took my chance and applied. I am so glad I did.  


We were curious to know what our apprentices have learned and the tasks they've been entrusted with during their time at Rushlift. Here's what they shared: 


I have learnt a lot of information about a variety of forklifts within the industry, before joining Rushlift I had no idea that there was so many. Hansel my mentor has been fantastic with teaching me about how to properly prepare the body work for the trucks and showing me the ropes on how to paint them properly. I am looking forward to finding out more. 


So far, I have learnt how to remove, strip, and replace a gear box, as well as how to replace a head gasket. I have also learnt various tools, what they are for and how to use them. I have gained an understanding and importance of Health & Safety in the workshop and around forklifts.  


Over my first three weeks I have learnt how to rebuild a mast, how to disassemble an engine and forklift truck and how to rebuild them. I have learnt how to clean different parts, as well as Health & Safety around trucks and the Workshop. 


We asked our apprentices about the aspects they enjoyed most about their time at Rushlift so far. Here's what they enthusiastically shared: 


I am enjoying working a with a great team of individuals who support one another I am also enjoying learning new things every day and seeing a forklift truck come into the workshop at the beginning of the day, all battered and worn, and by the end of the day it looks like a brand-new truck straight from the factory. It is a great feeling.  


I am really enjoying the hands-on learning experience, I love getting my hands dirty and working with the engines, as well a learning about the forklift industry, they are used in every sector! The welcome I had to Rushlift was really good to, I met all the staff, had a tour of the facilities and I was given the branded clothing, so I felt part of the team the straight away, as well as branded merch like notebooks and coffee mugs that come in really useful throughout the day. Also, the staff break out room is brilliant, you can play pool or ping pong on your break and it’s a good way of meeting all the staff here at Rushlift.  


Everyone around me is so nice, if I need anything or any help, anyone will help me not just my mentor. I really feel like part of the team and have my own workspace which I really like.  


Stay tuned for updates on the inspiring journeys of our MHE apprentices at Rushlift. Watch as they grow, learn, and contribute to the material handling industry, shaping their futures through the power of apprenticeships. 


At Rushlift, we are committed to nurturing talent, fostering growth, and providing comprehensive solutions in the material handling equipment sector.