SPOTLIGHT ON: Bobcat Diesel Forklift 6.0 - 9.0T

June 27, 2024

With high-performance engines, fluid, intuitive controls, superior operator comfort, and a host of safety features, Bobcat D60 - D90 9-Series forklifts are ready to boost the productivity of your business while keeping spending in check thanks to a low cost of ownership. 



Get more done daily thanks to high-performance engines with a 3-speed auto-Shift transmission providing 55 or 81 kW of power to boost productivity in every task. 

  • Seamless shifting: Elevate your driving experience with our electronically controlled 3-speed auto-shift transmission. Benefit from automated optimal shifts, heightened fuel efficiency, and optimised power matching. Featuring a self-diagnostic system, it is embodying the pinnacle of efficiency and performance. 

  • Custom modes: Different torque modes can be chosen to suit your working environments. The Eco mode optimises fuel consumption by enhancing fuel efficiency. The Standard mode is suitable for typical tasks, while the High mode enhances the truck’s workability for heavy-duty operations. 

  • Performance and efficiency: The 3.4 L DM03V engines, equipped with a Bosch Common Rail System, are the best-in-class engines on the market. Our 55 kW (no Ad Blue needed) and 81 kW engines not only offer low fuel consumption but top-notch gradeability, travel and lifting speeds as well. Keep your TCO low thanks to an autotension belt-drive system and a hydraulic lash adjuster, and improved exchange cycles for the fuel filter and engine oils (1 000 hours). 

  • Oil-cooled disc brakes: Enjoy oil-cooled disc brakes for better braking and faster cycles, giving you the confidence to navigate and stop quickly. This enhancement significantly speeds up task completion and boosts overall productivity. 



Enjoy the comfort of a spacious cab with plenty of leg room, deluxe suspended seat, integrated instrument panel, tiltable steering column, and many more features. 

  • Improved visibility: Benefit from improved visibility in all working positions, thanks to a wider mast window, repositioned hydraulic hoses, and a flat bar-style overhead guard. 

  • Suspension seat: The suspension seat is designed for comfort, offering a larger seat back angle, extended seat travel length, and operator’s weight resistance on the front side, allowing for multiple adjustments to create the most comfortable seating experience. 

  • Spacious operator compartment: The cab has the perfect height and interior space for ample leg room and overall comfort. The adjustable steering column, and ergonomic operator pedals ensure ease of entry and exit. 

  • Low noise level: The pressurised cab prevents dust entry and features 2 large air filters for a clean air supply. It also maintains very low noise and vibration levels for high driving comfort. 

  • The perfect temperature: Work comfortably in any weather thanks to the integrated heating/ cooling/ventilation system (HVAC), which allows you to control the temperature inside the cab. 

  • Easy access: This forklift features a low step height, facilitating easy and safe entry and exit, complemented by an easy entry grab bar and an anti-slip step plate. 

  • Full-colour display: The 7-inch full-colour display is strategically positioned at eye level for enhanced comfort. It offers excellent outdoor visibility and provides comprehensive updates on the machine’s status, keeping the operator well-informed. 



Protect your investment, workforce, and handled goods. Excellent all-around visibility, ground speed control, and a host of other safety features come as standard. 

  • Advanced protection for you and your operation: Bobcat forklifts have safety embedded in their DNA. Packed with tons of features that protect your health and your investment, these machines give you peace of mind in every task, every day. 

  • Rear detector: Receive real-time alerts when objects are detected behind the forklift for a safer work site.  

  • Electric parking brake (EPB): The parking brake engages automatically. This safety feature keeps the vehicle stationary when the seat is exited. 

  • Anti-surge function: Maintain the forklift’s stability and prevent sudden shifts or movements, especially when carrying heavy or unbalanced loads. 

  • Ground Speed control: Enhance safety by setting a speed limit to prevent your forklift from going too fast. The speed limit can be set separately for forward and reverse directions. 

  • Back-up alarm: The back-up alarm emits a warning signal when driving in reverse, alerting those nearby and further ensuring safety in the workplace. 

  • Weight scale: With our weight indicator and scale options, you never second-guess if you’re overloading your forklift or taking unnecessary risks. 

  • Brighter and safer: Experience a brighter, safer, and more efficient workday with our front lights, combination lamps, and additional rear lights. 

  • Rear-view camera: The front and rear-view cameras provide a better view of surroundings, avoiding collisions with objects and pedestrians and ensuring a safer work environment. 



Experience a synergy of power, performance, and functionality with features like an IP67-rated connector, oil-cooled disk brakes, and upgraded cooling performance suitable for all tasks. 

  • A heritage of reliability: Bobcat forklifts embody the combination of robustness and reliability – these machines allow you to focus on your business without worrying about your fleet. 

  • Warranty: Bobcat develops every machine to the highest standards of quality and durability. That’s why our standard warranty provides 24 months or 2000 operating hours (whichever occurs first) of coverage. 

  • Protection Plus extended warranty: Enjoy total peace of mind with Protection Plus extended warranty. Providing the same level of protection as the standard warranty, Protection Plus also reflects different customer needs and expectations by offering a choice of durations and annual operating hours. 

  • Bobcat genuine parts: Quality components delivered to our dealers guarantee that all our equipment is built to last, withstand the toughest conditions, and provide reliable performance. 


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