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Rushlift GSE specialise in their ability to offer a ‘one-stop shop’ for all GSE needs, with everything listed below being a standardised list of the products we can supply, we pride ourselves on our ability to source any item required for any aviation application. The list of our products below is not an exhaustive accounting of the equipment we can supply and we can supply any equipment you need.

Tow Bars

Our Tow Bar push back tractors service commercial aircraft ranging from regional, narrow-bodied, jets to the wide-bodied A380. Each model features a low profile design, robust construction, reliable components and easy access maintenance.


Most frequently used to push an aircraft back from the gate and onto the aircraft movement area. May also be used to move an aircraft to other locations on an airport (e.g., maintenance hangars). There are two types of pushback tugs/tractors:  conventional tugs use tow-bars that are connected to an aircraft’s noise wheel, and towbarless tractors which scoop up the aircraft noise wheel and lift it off the ground before moving.


Whether towed, pushed, or driven into position, boarding stairs provide a means of loading and unloading passengers at hardstands (i.e., remote parking positions) and in the absence of jet bridges at the airport terminal gate.

Cars, Vans & Mini Buses

Buses and other similar vehicles are sometimes used to transport passengers and employees between aircraft and terminals on the airside. Also referred to as people movers and mobile passenger lounges.

Hi Loaders

Hi Loaders are available for all types of aircraft, from narrow bodied regional jets to the much wider-bodied A380.

Belt Loaders

Belt loaders serve to facilitate the loading and unloading of baggage and other payloads between an aircraft’s baggage/cargo compartments and the baggage/cargo carts.

Toilet & Water Trucks

Vehicles designed for an equipped with delivery of possible water and collection systems / storage tanks for the recovery of aircraft lavatory waste.

Electric Baggage Tractors, Carts and Cargo Trailers

Baggage tractors are among the most common and recognisable type of GSE at an airport. Baggage tractors are typically used to move carts containing passenger baggage and/or cargo between aircraft gated on the apron and terminal baggage processing facilities.

Forklift Trucks

Commonly used in industrial, manufacturing, and warehousing settings, forklifts also are used at airports
to move and transfer cargo form aircraft cargo compartments to other aircraft and locations at the airport. Rushlift GSE’s partnership with Doosan Rushlift allows us the functionality to offer outstanding value to our forklift offering.

We Can Supply Any Ground Support Equipment

The List Goes On...

Not every product that we supply is listed above, we can also supply the following equipment:

Aircraft Tractor
Air Conditioner
Air Start
Baggage Tractor
Belt Loader
Boarding Stairs / Ramp
Cabin Service Truck
Cargo Tractor
Catering Truck
Container Loader
Container Transporter

Emergency Vehicles
Forklift Trucks
Fuel Truck
Ground Poer Unit
Toilet Truck
Maintenance Vehicles
Buses & Cars
Water Trucks