Stay Safe When Operating Your Forklift Trucks – Do’s & Don’t’s

March 24, 2021

In this blog post, we want to give you some advice on what to do and what NOT to do when operating a forklift truck.


  • Carry out a pre-use check of the truck (you can request a pre-use check sheet here)
  • Report defects immediately to a Supervisor
  • Look all around before moving off
  • Make sure the work path is free of obstructions
  • Look in the direction of travel
  • Travel at a speed suitable for the location and load
  • Travel with the forks lowered, but clear of the ground
  • Watch out for pedestrians and obstructions
  • Slow down at corners, doorways, and at danger spots, sound the horn where necessary
  • When getting in or out, face the truck and use steps and handles
  • Operate a truck unless you are trained and authorised to do so
  • Use a forklift that you know is not working properly
  • Operate controls from outside the cab, unless it is designed to do so
  • Start or stop suddenly
  • Make abrupt or quick turns
  • Travel on uneven ground unless the truck is designed to do so
  • Run over unprotected cables or pipes
  • Operate a truck under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Use mobile phones while operating a truck
For more advice and tips about forklift safety and how you can improve safety in your operation, contact us