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Given the recent rising fuel costs and businesses looking to explore greener options for their equipment, we are offering a free no-obligation truck demo as part of our new partnership with EP equipment.

Businesses are exploring equipment with cleaner energy that can run at a reduced cost; without an impact on work productivity and efficiency.

Traditionally, its expensive up-front cost meant that companies needed to consider the total cost of ownership when choosing Lithium solutions. EP forklifts and Rushlift have addressed this challenge in the market and together, can offer an affordable solution.

To help you decide if this is the right truck for you, Rushlift is offering a free no-obligation forklift truck demonstration.

This product, coupled with our solution-based approach to your business, gives us a great opportunity to help you make the switch to Lithium powered forklift trucks.

You can also utilise our fleet management system and take advantage of our full UK engineering coverage, giving you confidence in not only our product portfolio, but also in our equipment aftercare solutions.

To book your free demo, fill in the form below and make the first step to a cleaner, greener fleet.

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What our Clients say

“We didn’t want to be caught out by changing technology, so leasing the equipment through Rushlift GSE, a partner we trusted and have been working with for over six years now, was clearly the best option"

Andy Currey

Tooling & GSE Manager at Virgin Atlantic Engineering

This was the biggest ground handling change that has taken place anywhere in the sector - in one of the most complex airport operating environments - which is a testament to the work carried out by everyone to deliver a seamless transition.

Graeme Macleod


The reliability and uptime of our ground handling equipment is absolutely imperative to the service we provide – our reputation depends upon it. We’re confident that Rushlift GSE will provide the GSE and support we’re looking for, both here in the UK and overseas.

Stephen Gallagher

SVP GSE and Equipment for Menzies Aviation