Short Term Rental

Equipment When You Need It

From one week to 12 months with transport readily available

We have seen an increase in demand for Short Term Rental (STR) equipment from the market, with businesses requiring more operational and financial benefit flexibility..

Rushlift STR offers all businesses an affordable and temporary option to increase their MHE fleet during peak periods without long-term commitment.

In the last 12 months Rushlift has invested heavily in its STR fleet bringing in a range of new models, such as Diesel and LP Gas Counter Balance, as well as Electric Counter Balance and Powered Pallet Trucks. The investment of over £1M in new product provides businesses the opportunity to hire Doosan’s latest range of equipment for periods ranging from 1 week to 12 months when required.

With premium service given throughout the UK by a highly skilled engineering force the combination of quality products and service excellence help Rushlift ensure STR customers get maximum satisfaction and maintain the right level of MHE cover at all times to give excellent service to their customers.

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