SPOTLIGHT ON: Bobcat Powered Stackers

April 11, 2024

Discover top-notch efficiency and durability with Bobcat’s electric walkie or rider stackers and double stackers. Robustly designed for durability and productivity, these tough and versatile machines offer a capacity between 1–2 tonnes, and years of reliable operation for your business. 



Discover our compact yet powerful walkie and ride-on stackers. Choose options with up to 2 tonnes of capacity, and experience excellent daily performance with a high-speed AC-powered drive motor. 

  • Proportional valve for lifting and lowering: Operators can easily control the speed and positioning of the mast during lifting and lowering, enabling gradual adjustments for precise and smooth load handling. 

  • Excellent visibility through the mast: Improved visibility through the mast allows operators to quickly locate items, accurately position the stacker, and handle loads more efficiently. This reduces manoeuvring and positioning time, ultimately speeding up tasks and increasing productivity. 

  • Tandem load wheels & easy pallet entry: The contoured fork design and tandem load wheels allow easy entry into, and exit from, palletised loads. 

  • AC Power: Fully programmable performance parameters allow total customisation of acceleration, top speed, and braking. 



Experience comfortable operation with standard features such as the tiller head and display monitor, ensuring effortless control and a stress-free experience. 

  • Ergonomic tiller control: Tailored for comfort and versatility, the ergonomically designed tiller arm, equipped with dual butterfly switches, caters to both left- and right-handed operators. 

  • Monitoring Display: Experience uninterrupted operations with real-time energy and status monitoring on the display. Stay informed about essential updates, ensuring a smooth workflow without any interruptions. 

  • Enjoy ultimate control: Our pallet trucks offer both central and lateral controls, ensuring seamless manoeuvring in any space or warehouse layout. 

  • Foldable platform: Operators can easily adjust the platform to their preferred height, promoting better posture and reducing strain during prolonged operation. Additionally, the foldable feature ensures easy access to the load in tight spaces. 

  • Easy controls: The ergonomic tiller arm features height and length adjustment allowing operators to find the perfect position. 

  • Roll out battery: Nylon rollers make it easy to remove the battery, simplifying the battery exchange process. 



Enjoy peace of mind during your shifts with safety features that include speed reduction in specific circumstances, PIN code access, override function, and more. 

  • Advanced protection for you and your operation: Bobcat warehouse equipment has safety embedded in its DNA. Packed with features that protect your health and your investment, these machines give you peace of mind in every task, every day. 

  • Override function: With the simple push of a button on the tiller head, this feature offers more precise control in confined spaces by slowing down the truck while handling loads. 

  • Speed-reducing kit for cornering: When approaching and navigating corners, this adjustment ensures smoother and more secure operations, reducing the likelihood of accidents and potential damage to the machine (for ride-on units only). 

  • Emergency switch: Operators can quickly deactivate the truck by pressing the emergency switch, reducing the time it takes to identify the issue and take necessary action. 

  • Speed reduction with lifted mast: Reducing mast lifting speed decreases the likelihood of accidents and instability, especially when handling heavier loads. This feature reduces the mast lifting speed when the mast is lifted over 1 meter in height. 

  • Turtle speed switch: The turtle speed switch allows extremely slow and controlled movement, offering greater accuracy and caution. This feature proves useful when handling fragile or sensitive materials, or when navigating confined spaces that require precise control. 

  • Pin code access: By protecting the machine from unauthorised use, pin code access adds security to your job site. 

  • Load back rest: The load back rest provides a protective barrier between the operator and the load, minimising the possibility of loads sliding back and causing injuries. 

  • Smooth load lowering: Our stackers use hydraulic technology to gently and smoothly lower lifted loads to the ground, preventing sudden jolts or impacts and enhancing safety. 



Our stackers and double stackers feature a robust design with a superior steel cover for component protection, quality bearings, and a frame structure with a lifetime warranty. 

  • Excellent reliability: With a robust design, powerful AC motor, and combined bearings, Bobcat warehouse equipment is built tough, offering you maximum uptime and dependability. 

  • Lifetime warranty: Bobcat develops each machine to the highest standards of quality and durability. That’s why we provide a lifetime guarantee on the frame structure (10 years) to ensure our trucks deliver maximum reliability and usage. 

  • Bobcat genuine parts: Quality components delivered to our dealers guarantee that all of our equipment is built to last, withstand the toughest conditions, and provide reliable performance. 



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