SPOTLIGHT ON: Bobcat Electric Forklift 1.8-3.5t

March 14, 2024

Keep your operation running smoothly with the rugged and reliable B25S-7 electric forklifts, designed to deliver all-day performance. Dependability has been increased thanks to features like oil-cooled disc brakes and a durable transaxle. While safeguards such as IP65-rated controllers, sealed contractors, and motors ensure long-lasting protection for your investment. 

For further enhancements, consider upgrading your drive and pump motor to an IP54 rating, or opt for the specialised hydraulic oil, enabling you to use the forklift for short durations in cold temperatures (down to -20°C). 



Boost productivity with the 7-Series truck, featuring a small turning radius for enhanced manoeuvrability, a hydraulic lever with a convenient directional switch, and an auto-tilt levelling system. 

  • Reliable AC controller: Make every load and lift more efficient with our reliable and powerful AC Curtis controller and single-drive motor.  

  • Excellent visibility: Confidently work faster and more efficiently on any job site thanks to unparalleled visibility. The overhead guard with angled roof bars offers a clear upward view without compromising strength or safety, while neatly arranged hydraulic hoses reduce clutter.  

  • Responsive acceleration and braking: Enjoy the convenience and comfort of controlled, responsive acceleration and breaking. When the truck starts, the acceleration is moderated for a secure start. As speed increases so does acceleration, enhancing productivity.  

  • Swift directional changes: Toggle between forward and reverse travel with ease, thanks to a switch conveniently located on the lift lever.  



Face long shifts head-on with the added comforts of temperature control, entertainment options, and premium seating. 

  • Spacious cab: Enjoy increased cab space thanks to the compact steering wheel. This not only eases manoeuvrability in tight spaces and enhances response time but also allows for more precise load handling. Plus, it reduces operator fatigue and boosts training efficiency for new operators.  

  • More leg room: Our cab provides ample leg room to minimize strain, enhance focus, and create a more relaxed work atmosphere for the operator.  

  • Effortless control: Operators can seamlessly control truck performance during operation with the user-friendly instrument panel, which offers a wide range of adjustments and settings. The panel also provides other alerts, ergonomic options, and language preferences for a more comfortable and user-friendly experience.  

  • Added convenience: For maximum convenience, enjoy a large cup holder, USB port, 12 V power outlet, and clipboard holder, comfortably placed within your reach.  

  • Easy access: The anti-slip step provides a comfortable and safe way to hop on and off for peace of mind.  

  • Year-round comfort: Experience optimal comfort in any weather with the optional heater and air conditioner.  

  • Enhance your workspace: Enhance your work experience with the optional radio and MP3 player, improving focus and relaxation on the job. 



Work with confidence thanks to the extensive lineup of safety features, including Turtle Mode, emergency stopping, mast and tilt interlocks, and more. 

  • Safety in every move: Operators can work with confidence thanks to the extensive lineup of safety features, which include Turtle Mode, emergency stopping, mast and tilt interlocks, and speed control. 

  • Anti-roll-back: The anti-roll-back feature prevents the forklift from rolling back for 5 seconds when the truck is stopped. 

  • Operating sensing system: To prevent any unwanted movement, the OSS (Operator Sensing System) keeps the operator safe and sound by disabling both truck travel and mast lifting functions as soon as the operator leaves the seat. 

  • Mast and tilt inter-locks: When the operator leaves the truck unattended, the hydraulic locking system prevents unintentional lowering and tilting of the mast. This keeps the truck, load, and work area safe. 

  • Turtle Mode: To make warehouse operations more secure, activate Turtle Mode to decrease the truck’s travel speed to a preset level while maintaining lift speed. 

  • Automatic speed control: The automatic speed control manages travel speeds when turning sharply and automatically slows the truck down when cornering to reduce the risk of accidents or damage.  

  • Emergency switch: The emergency switch is always within your reach, ready to be pressed in case of emergency. 

  • Panoramic mirror: The large panoramic mirror gives the operator a clear and unobstructed view of the rear working area. 

  • LED lighting system: The LED lights illuminate even the darkest corners of your workspace, so that you always see your surroundings in safety. 



Experience a synergy of power, performance, and functionality with features like IP43/IP54-rated dust and water protection, an AC Curtis controller, and oil-cooled disk brakes. 

  • Designed to endure: The B25S-7 series is engineered to minimize damage, decrease downtime, boost safety, and enhance operator comfort. We provide Cold Storage Hydraulic Oil that is effective in environments as cold as -20°C, ensuring optimal operational efficiency for your intralogistics business. 

  • Standard 2-year warranty: Bobcat develops every machine to the highest standards of quality and durability. That’s why our standard warranty provides 24 months or 2000 operating hours (whichever occurs first) of coverage. 

  • Protection plus extended warranty: Enjoy total peace of mind with Protection Plus extended warranty. Providing the same level of protection as the standard warranty, Protection Plus also reflects different customer needs and expectations by offering a choice of durations and annual operating hours. 



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