SPOTLIGHT ON: Bobcat Diesel Forklift 2.0-3.5t

February 19, 2024

Give your business a boost with a diesel forklift that ticks all the boxes: a high-performance, powerful and efficient engine, smooth and variable controls, and a full suite of safety features, all in a machine that is rugged, dependable and easy to service, with a low total cost of ownership.  


Do more every day, thanks to the high-performance yet efficient G2 diesel engine – with 45.6 kW of power and 300 Nm torque, and the best-in class travel and lifting speeds. 

  • Excellent visibility: Thanks to the precisely designed overhead guard with angled roof bars, and excellent visibility through the mast, you have the best view on the task at hand and accomplish more every day. 

  • Powerful diesel engine: The high-performance yet efficient G2 diesel engine, with 45.6 kW of power and 300 Nm torque, provides best-in-class travel and lifting speeds. The available multi-torque model lets you tweak your machine’s performance to adapt to any job.  

  • Adjusted to your needs: The VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) allows you to see all critical parameters at a glance – and it also lets you adjust the speed limit and reverse lock speed limit on the fly, so you can be in total sync with your machine and do more. 

  • Optimised steering angle: Even when space is limited, you can manoeuvre in and out of the tightest spots easily, thanks to the small turning radius. Enjoy working in places where others cannot! 


Work through your shift in comfort – with less fatigue and with many quality-of-life features as standard: ergonomic seat, colour display, plenty of legroom, anti-slip plate, and more. 

  • Easily adjustable seat column: The premium suspension seat provides a lot of space for the operator and all-day comfort for long shifts. The seat and the steering wheel column are easy to adjust, so every operator can feel right at home in the cab. 

  • Ergonomic controls: Thanks to the ergonomic design and perfect placement of control elements, operating this machine is as easy as can be. Levers or fingertip controls, and from HVAC to parking brake, you always have everything you need exactly where you need it. 

  • Large in-cab display: You see all the important info on the screen of your in-cab display. With this large 5-inch - or optional 7-inch - screen, you can check and control the machine’s performance settings on the go with the simple touch of a button.  

  • Rear camera display: You can equip your machine with a rear-view camera, which automatically starts to feed to the additional in-cab display when in reverse mode - so you always have the best view of your workplace without sacrificing your comfort. 

  • Powerful speakers: You can equip your cab with powerful speakers to enjoy music throughout even the longest shifts. 

  • Well-placed handles: Thanks to the well-placed entry bar and handles, stepping in and out of your vehicle is quick and comfortable.  

  • Maintaining your visibility: Thanks to well-placed buttons, you won’t accidentally switch your wipers on and off while steering and manipulating the load.  



Enjoy peace of mind provided by the machine’s excellent all-around visibility, superb stability, and a full suite of smart sensors. 

  • Advanced protection for you and your operation: Bobcat forklifts have safety embedded in their DNA. Packed with tons of features that protect your health and your investment, these machines give you peace of mind in every task, every day. 

  • Operator Sensing System (OSS): The machine’s travel and mast lifting functions stop when the operator leaves the seat – so the forklift won’t perform any unintended movements. 

  • Electric Parking Brake (EPB): The parking brake engages automatically. This safety feature ensures that the vehicle remains stationary when the operator exits the seat.  

  • Seatbelt sequence interlock: The operator needs to be seated with a fastened seatbelt in order to operate the forklift. 

  • Ground speed control: To further increase safety, you can set a speed limit to keep your forklift from going too fast. The speed limit can be set separately for forward and reverse directions. 

  • Auxiliary weight: The new auxiliary weight, located at the back of the forklift, provides excellent stability. It also reduces vibrations, increasing the lifespan of the machine’s parts. 

  • Reverse lock: Changing directions from forward to reverse is only possible when the machine’s speed is less than 3 km/h. 

  • Large panoramic mirror: The large panoramic mirror provides great visibility onto the rear working area, increasing safety and adding to your overall productivity at the same time. 

  • Powerful LED lights: The powerful LED lights illuminate even the darkest places in your workplace – so you always safely see everything in your surroundings. 



Minimize total cost of ownership with longer service intervals and high–quality, Bobcat genuine parts and consumables – which offer excellent value for money and help your machine run smoother and longer. 

  • Excellent reliability: Thanks to a powerful G2 engine, dust- & water-resistant parts, and a cab that reduces vibrations, Bobcat 9-Series diesel forklifts are built tough to provide you with maximum uptime and dependability.  

  • Standard 2-year warranty: Bobcat develops every machine to the highest standards of quality and durability. That’s why our standard warranty provides 24 months or 2000 operating hours (whichever occurs first) of coverage. 

  • Protection plus extended warranty: Enjoy total peace of mind with Protection Plus extended warranty. Providing the same level of protection as the standard warranty, Protection Plus also reflects different customer needs and expectations by offering a choice of durations and annual operating hours. 


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