October 12, 2023

At Rushlift, we understand that starting a new role can be a significant transition. That's why we have developed a comprehensive Engineer Induction Programme to ensure that all our new engineers feel welcomed, settled, and part of the team from day one. Our induction process combines practical training, product familiarisation, and health and safety modules to equip engineers with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in their role. 


Day 1: Welcoming New Starters 

On their first day, new engineers are warmly welcomed at our depot by their Team Leader and/or Service Manager. To help them get acquainted with the environment, they are given a thorough tour of the building and introduced to many of their future colleagues. Our engineers receive their induction from our HR and IT departments, where they are provided with essential tools such as a phone and a tablet. These devices are used for various tasks, including job reporting, parts ordering, truck diagnosis, and other essential job functions. Additionally, engineers are provided with their workwear and other goodies. They are then shown around their van, tooling, and personal protective equipment (PPE). 


Day 2: Product Familiarisation 

The second day of our Engineer Induction Programme focuses on product familiarisation. Engineers receive a comprehensive overview of our company, followed by a mix of classroom and practical training. This training introduces our engineers to the wide range of equipment they will be working on during their time at Rushlift. 


Day 3: Health and Safety Training 

Safety is our top priority at Rushlift. We care about the safety of our employees, our customers, and anyone working closely with our equipment. With this in mind, the third day of the induction process covers a range of health, safety and compliance topics, including safe working practices, chain inspection and maintenance, fork inspection, tyre wear and job reporting. We equip our engineers with the knowledge and skills to ensure they can maintain a safe working environment for themselves, their colleagues, and our customers. We also ensure that our engineers are armed with the information they need to service and maintain our equipment to the highest standards, meeting the compliance levels required for our industry. 


Day 4: Technical Knowledge and Resources 

To excel in their role, our engineers need access to technical information. On the fourth day of the induction process, new starters are shown how to access the portals and databases that contain crucial technical information for the equipment they will be maintaining. We believe that providing our engineers with the necessary resources is essential for them to deliver high-quality service to our customers. 


Day 5: E-Learning Modules 

The induction week concludes with new starters completing e-learning modules. These modules cover various health and safety topics and provide additional information that is essential for their role as engineers at Rushlift. We believe in continuous learning and development, and these e-learning modules are designed to reinforce the knowledge gained during the induction process. 


The induction week is just the beginning of our engineers' journey at Rushlift. In the following weeks, they will receive a mixture of on-the-job training with a Team Leader, operator training if required, and further basic technical training. We believe in providing comprehensive support to our engineers to ensure they have the skills and knowledge required to excel in their role. 


At Rushlift, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment for our engineers. We understand that each engineer brings unique experiences and skills to our team, and we value their contributions. Our Engineer Induction Programme is designed to provide a solid foundation for their career at Rushlift and help them thrive in the material handling industry. 

"At Rushlift, we believe in investing in our engineers from day one. Our Engineer Induction Programme ensures that new starters feel welcomed, supported, and equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in their role. Join our team and experience the Rushlift difference." Steve Briscall, Technical Training Manager.